A Short Introduction

Florida House Sunset

Hello world. My name is Kelvin Cobaris. Cobaris Campaign is a website dedicated to my ideas, thoughts and interests. It’s a way to share myself with you and take you along my journey.


As a Christian I take my faith very seriously and hope to share some faith-based thoughts here on this website. From favorite churches to faith-based activities here in Orange County, Florida.


Life throws a lot at you and I hope to capture here on Cobaris Campaign. You’ll see what I’m up to and hopefully I can share some of my favorite things. I have a few different hobbies such as fitness, the outdoors and enjoying what Florida has to offer.


I hope to establish a reputation of leadership here in my community. You’ll see into my journey into life. As a recent college graduate I’m currently seeking to find myself and role in my local community.

So I hope you join me! This is my first website so please be patient. I love to meet new people so please feel free to contact me here. Or visit my about page to learn more about this Florida native.