Continuing the Fitness Journey

If you had not already please check my first post Spiritual and Physical Fitness to read about my fitness plans and reasons.

Getting Ready For the Change

There was an old treadmill collecting dust in my attic for what seems like years now. A few days ago I decided to dust it off and start using it daily. So far it’s been challenging but worth it. I already can feel a change in my energy level by just running 20 minutes a day!

I’m doing beginner interval workouts to get ready for outdoor running here in Florida. It’s hot and the sun can be brutal in the summer but it’s worth getting outside and enjoying God’s wonders. For upper body and strength I’m doing pushups and pull ups. Little by little I’m able to increase my reps although I must admit I’m a bit embarrassed by what I can’t do. Let’s just say I’m better at the running. With time I’m sure this will improve.

My main goal isn’t to lose weight, I’m not overweight, but instead to get in shape and make sure my body is in tip top shape. Up until this point I was what you would consider “skinny fat”. It’s time to throw out that label for good.

Jogging Outdoors

My first adventure this weekend was the Dunnellon Trail in Florida. I was doing some service there with my Church this Sunday and decided it was a great chance to check out the local trails in that area.

The hike had a great path for bikers and hikers. I decided to jog the 2.5 mile trail in one shot. It was very exciting and I loved being outside amongst the trees and fresh air. But running outdoors doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Changes in elevations, obstacles in the way and the need for greater concentration all are things to consider before starting.

For my first time jogging outside I also found myself ill prepared. My treadmill running shoes became a bit uncomfortable and it led me to believe I may need to purchase a pair of hiking shoes in the future that are better suited for outdoor ground.

As for hydration, holding a water bottle while moving can be an inconvenience. So I decided to purchase a backpacking with a hydration pack for future outdoor runs. The one I chose was the Camelbak H.A.W.G. if anyone is interested that I found in this list of cheaper GoRuck alternatives. Yes, I was going to purchase a GoRuck backpack but decided to go with the Camelbak instead because of the included water reserve.

Ok enough about my shopping splurges. Although it’s fun to pick up new gear that’s not what this fitness journey is about.

Eating Better Is A Journey In of Itself

So I’ve gotten more active and it was time to simultaneously be proactive about my eating habits. I have cut out soda and sugary beverages from my diet to continue. But the fast food seems to be an issue still. I’m still working on that. One obstacle seems to be eating while away from home. At work, packing a lunch is still a new concept that I have yet to employ. So when my stomach starts growling at noon I’m usually off to the nearest restaurant for a quick bite to eat. This leads to some poor food choices. I hope to improve on this in the near future as I come up with a easier system on packing a lunch in the morning. As I’m writing this now I’m noticing that this is the weakest link in my fitness journey.

Setting A Sleep Schedule Has Really Made A Difference

I’ve also been working on my rest. This is actually the easiest part for me believe it or not. Setting a time at night where I can relax and read a book or do some Bible study before bed has really helped me relax and get ready for sleep. Before I consciously did this I would go to sleep at any hour I pleased depending on what I was doing that night. Setting a strict schedule of “relaxing time” and “bed time” has made a big difference in how I feel the next day. Coupled with exercise in the morning I am starting to feel a big difference in my overall mood and energy levels in only a few days.

Spiritual and Physical Fitness

Fitness Cobaris Campaign

Getting off course

After yours of spiritual neglect, I’ve spent the passed few years really focuses myself on Church and spiritual awakening.

Between work, church and service I’ve felt that my physical fitness and health has been set aside. It really doesn’t take much for someone to get off course. Handling priorities, managing time and finances takes up a lot of our energy. Sometimes this leaves little time or energy to take care of our bodies. Who has time to work out? This has been my headspace for many years and I’m ready to make a big change.

There is one simple reason why we should care about our bodies and make an effort to keep it healthy and strong: because God values it.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. – Psalm 139:13-14

God’s love for us is evident in the wonder of His creation. From formation to death we are wonderfully made in His image. But today it’s easier than ever to ignore our bodies and neglect our health. We allow ourselves become our non-optimal selves and many of us are ok with that. Many, if not most people, ignore fitness and health. I know myself, I have focused so much attention on my spiritual path that I completely neglected my physical side. Fast food, lack of exercise and overall procrastination has gotten me where I am today: Out of shape.

Our Bodies Are Temples

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. -1 Corinthians 6:19-20

This is where I am today and like I’ve stated earlier I’m ready to make a big change. My plan for increasing my physical fitness and overall health goes as follow. I’ve decided to share this on Cobaris Campaign to help anyone else who may also be ready to make that change.

Excercise Cobaris Campaign Florida

1. Exercise

Hold the gym membership please. No need for an expensive gym membership when I can exercise at home and outdoors for free. This is what I am most excited about. Setting 20 minutes a day to do some basic cardio at home before I begin my day. Weekends will be excluded for hikes and bike rides. Hiking is a newfound activity of mine that I actually really enjoy. It allows for exercise while enjoying God’s creations outdoors. I really enjoy the fresh air and nature. There is something incredibly relaxing about it. I plan on taking on trail running in the future as well. Here in the Central Florida area there are tons of trails, nooks and crannies that are perfect for trail running.

My body is a temple and God deserves to live in the best body I can give Him. Getting fit through exercise is a part of that journey.

Nutrition Cobaris Campaign

2. Nutrition

I may not smoke or drink alcohol but I do have a weakness for sugary and fast food. It’s time to be honest about my eating habits and make a change for the better. By reassessing my eating habits and asking if this nourishment is good enough for “God’s temple” is the first step. Cutting out soda, fast food and pre-made meals in replacement for home made meals and water is a good start.

Rest Cobaris Campaign

3. Rest

This area in my life is very overlooked. When I was a teenager I would often stay up all night doing school work or hanging out with friends. Now that I’m older I’m beginning to realize what a toll a lack of good rest is doing to my body and my health. My body needs rest. Setting a healthy sleep schedule that allows my body to recharge has to become a more of a priority.

I plan on writing up some updates of this journey. Again, this is just the beginning of a new groundwork that will only benefit me physically, mentally and spiritually for years to come. It will be in addition to my current routine of work, church and service and not a replacement.

A Short Introduction

Florida House Sunset

Hello world. My name is Kelvin Cobaris. Cobaris Campaign is a website dedicated to my ideas, thoughts and interests. It’s a way to share myself with you and take you along my journey.


As a Christian I take my faith very seriously and hope to share some faith-based thoughts here on this website. From favorite churches to faith-based activities here in Orange County, Florida.


Life throws a lot at you and I hope to capture here on Cobaris Campaign. You’ll see what I’m up to and hopefully I can share some of my favorite things. I have a few different hobbies such as fitness, the outdoors and enjoying what Florida has to offer.


I hope to establish a reputation of leadership here in my community. You’ll see into my journey into life. As a recent college graduate I’m currently seeking to find myself and role in my local community.

So I hope you join me! This is my first website so please be patient. I love to meet new people so please feel free to contact me here. Or visit my about page to learn more about this Florida native.